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Fuel for Napoleon - The Best of
'Anzi Destruction' Out Now!

“Blurring the lines between NIN, the Prodigy and straight-up Iggy and Stooges style rock 'n' roll, every track's a winner” - Big Cheese magazine UK



“Blurring the lines between NIN, the Prodigy and straight-up Iggy and Stooges style rock 'n' roll, every track's a winner” - Big Cheese magazine UK



A Finnish artist based in London who is known for his energic and wild live shows including fire breathing. He was the lead singer of Stereo Junks! (2003–2010). Hard Rock/Punk/Industrial group gained rapid cult reputation touring in Finland, UK, Germany, France, Spain and even in India. Anzi’s first full-length solo album High Clash Mothef***er (H.C.M.F), was released in 2011. It was followed in 2015 by the album Black Dog Bias.


In spring 2019 Anzi Destruction released his first ever compilation titled 'Fuel for Napoleon' featuring 21 studio recordings from his humble beginnings in southern Finland in 1999 when he was only 16 years old to the present day in his adopted hometown London, UK. The career spanning compilation is now available in all the major streaming services..


The compilation features his solo material as well as songs from his previous bands Stereo Junks! Salvation and Plastic Tears.  These are many tracks which have never been released digitally before. Two unreleased songs are also included. Most notably the brand new cover version of Aretha Franklin's 'Think' signalling also that there is much more to come from Mr. Destruction in the future.


The journey start from fuel injected Garage Metal and Industrial Rock leading to Glam Punk, Dark Wave with a twist of Pop Melodies.


Anzi is known for combining old school Fuzz distorted broken amp guitar sounds to modern rock. He first introduced this sound on Shoot I & Shoot II (2001) and it has become his trademark today.


Each Anzi’s album has it’s own sound and identity. “I’ve never had a feeling I was a part of any current specific music genre. Songs and attitude is what matters. I’m a punk so I do what ever I want. You have to have familiar elements among new to be able to connect the audience but personally I think it’s pointless to do exaclty something what is already done before. ”. This can be applied to the artists Anzi looks up to; blues Musician Muddy Waters was a big influence for the Rolling Stones, but the Stones never sounded too like Muddy Waters. Iggy Pop’s hero was Johnny Cash, but never sounded like Cash and The Prodigy doesn’t sound too much like their idol Public Enemy.


Influences are varied from Californian punk ala US Bombs in 'Doing Fine', early British punk rock in Generation X like 'Dead Punk Boy' to industrial sounds of Marilyn Manson in 'Government'.


Anzi's music is easy to relate to as he sings about worries we all face in everyday life and uncertanties about our future. “What makes you alive it makes you die” he sings in his critically acclaimed 'Chemistry' (2009):

“We stay unhappy rather than change direction. We are too afraid to realize the moment right now would turn out to be insignificant. We want to stay in control even when it’s killing us. That’s false Chemistry which is pure poison”.


Anzi’s album ‘Black Dog Bias’ (2015) is analysing the world we live in. Songs about the the endless information flow we all experience. People have no time or will to dig any deeper in the issues and facts behind. Too often we accept first story of headline the endless flow is feeding us especially if it is something we want to hear or it gives us hope. This is causing huge amount of false beliefs, unnecessary fear, frustration, prejudice and misunderstandings among people. Anzi is singing about this dilemma in the songs ‘God on the Screen’ & ‘Delusions’. He also addresses the comptetitive nature of life and points out that: “Your own best is not someone else's best”:


“All these issues above can be hard to deal with, for anyone of us especially when there is no channel to address them. My channel is music, music is my inspiration, my inspiration comes from people and people are my fuel. 21 years of recordings behind and the next 21 years ahead. I’m extremely excited about the forthcoming new material I’m releasing later this year. Music, bring it on, I can deal with you!”

by:  Jyrki 'Spider' Hämäläinen / Anzi Destruction